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This is an original and unique piece of design whose canvas is a Fortune Cat that will bring luck and fortune to your life.

La Catrina is the icon of the day of the dead in Mexico, the original name of the great lady of the aristocracy was the Calavera Garbancera and it represented a criticism of society's classism.

The Catrina edition has been designed and hand painted in Barcelona and you can order it in the color that you like best.

All the artist's works are signed and are unique and special to you.

Catrina white color Special Edition

  • Catrina white color Special Edition
    Measurements: 11cm x 10cm x 18cm
    Box: 16cm x 23cm x 11cm
    Weight: 150gr
    Material: Hand painted and decorated PC base
    Works with 2 AA 1,5V batteries (Not included)

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